Hanging By The Moon (2011)

Cat. no.: UR003LP/DIGI
Release date: October 21, 2011
Format: LP vinyl / MP3 free download

Tone, whose special voice and energetic abstract beats made its highly successful entrance onto the Danish electronic music scene 3 years ago, is back with a new album. In the wake of two years of heavy touring after the international release of her debut album, the self-taught and non-conformable female artist has spent the last year in recording studio of her self-built house on the shore of the Limfjord in northern Denmark to write and record a new album, on which she once again explores quirky electronic compositions and peculiar beats – but where her musical universe this time takes a much more vocal-oriented approach.

Gaffa Music Magazine (4 of 6 stars)
”...it is immensely easy to fall in love with Tones musical universe, which has enough sweetness to lure you inside and enough dark and dangerous deroutes to make you want to stay there.”
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Ralf Christensen, Information
”...oddly groovy songs, such as the magnificent Chasing Birds, where Tone’s voice and chorus-layers harmonically plays catch with each other through a roguish and very compellingly made rhythm pattern.” (Read full review)

Politiken (4 of 6 stars)
”…tinkling play of stomping rhythms and seductively drifting choir arrangements. (...) …a soulful clash between severe whips and psychedelic twists and turns uniting bodily pulses and heavenly uprising thoughts. ” (Read full review)

Geiger Music Magazine
“Hanging By The Moon is an extraordinary and exceptionally well-made autumn record, which it would be a shame not to download (...) and subsequently share with your friends.” (Read full review)

Soundvenue (4 of 6 stars)
“Even if you are an experienced listener of both electro-pop and singer/songwriter music is it very unlikely that you have a record in your collection that sounds like Hanging By The Moon.” (Read full review)