Small Arm Of Sea (2008)

Cat. no.: UR001LP/CD/DIGI
Release date: January 21, 2008
Format: CD w/DVD – LP w/DVD – MP3 download

On January 21, 2008, she will release her long awaited debut album “Small Arm of Sea” – a somewhat revolutionary release: Firstly, because the music can be both heard and seen – literally – through a new album format and secondly because the album is not only for purchase in stores. It is also available online. For free.

Musically, Tone – who carries the civil name Sofie Nielsen – creates a remarkable audiovisual realm in which her light and spellbinding voice adds to a bed rock of crunchy break beats, abstract compositional structures and catchy melodies. Not being a typical songwriter in terms of clinging to the usage of the traditional structure of verses and choruses, Tone relies on improvisation and creative exploration in the creation of her unpredictable musical landscapes – while adding daunting, yet compelling lyrics – and thereby drawing listeners into her musical and atmospheric universe of thoughts, sounds and a myriad of emotional expressions.

In her native country of Denmark, the last months have been hectic. First, Tone took first prize in the prestigious live performance competition Rock Nord ‘06 competing with other internationally famed Danish break-through artists including The Alpine and The Blue Van.

Secondly, her track “I Am Long” peaked at #4 on Danish national radio chart “Det Elektriske Barometer” (The Barometer), paving the way for further public awareness of this brilliant new artist’s unorthodox work as well as her performances at venues and festivals in Denmark and Sweden.